Grit City Podcast: Hangout - Sunburns and Pickleball


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01:19 – Jeff shares the safe word of the day, Justin gives a shout-out to Eric, and talks about their plans to be at the Grit City Comic Show this fall. Jeff talks about the Blunt The River event in Yakima, Scott talks about how long it’s been since he floated, and Justin talks about his past yearly floating. Scott reflects on past float events in Nevada, and Justin shares cautionary tales of getting sunburnt.

12:07 – Justin continues his story of alarming sunburn number one, Jeff talks about his nightmare sunburn, and Justin shares where they ordered lunch from. He shares his second cautionary story, the fact that even under an umbrella, you can get a sunburn, and explains what sand is made of.

24:11 – Justin talks about the natural defense animals have, Scott recommends the guys watch Loudermilk, and Justin talks about the types of tubes he buys to go tubing. Scott discusses the kinds of tubes he’s floated in, the snow in Northern Nevada, and they talk about the moderate temperatures this summer in the PNW.

35:23 – Justin explains how a pickleback can help defuse the taste of whiskey, asks the guys what they think about Pickleball, and shares that the sport was invented on Bainbridge Island. He talks about it becoming the official sport of Washington, they talk about nude Pickleball becoming popular, and Justin talks about his visit to a nude beach.

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