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00:00 – Scott kicks off this Saturday Night Grit discussing his recent obsessions, Jeff presents the crew with the word of the day, and Robo Brogan makes an appearance. Justin gives a shout-out to GCP’s friend Rusty, talks about Rusty’s upcoming event, and reflects on their first episodes. He talks about his recent camping trip, the hiking he did while there, and the amazing food prepped by the camping chefs.

24:15 – Scott shares his idea around pod-camping, what he’s enjoying for a drink, and Justin talks about the Wodka he took camping. Brandon joins the conversation, talks about his plan to start a podcast, and Justin talks about the benefits he finds on the FaceBook page Tacompton Files. Scott expresses his appreciation for the site, Brandon talks about his not-so-great recent vacations to Florida and Vegas, and losing his dog while he was gone.

49:37 – Justin gives another shout-out to patron Erik P, talks about GCP sponsoring him in this year’s Unleashed Stadium Bowl, and the booth they’re going to have at the Grit City Comic show coming up in October. Justin discusses sasquatch hunting while camping, hauntings he experienced while working as a security guard, and introduces Grit City Grub bit. He talks about the amazing Mexican restaurants on 72nd, Los Tamales Mexican pizza, and the other food he enjoyed from there.

72:36 – Jeff talks about the logo he’s made for Grit City Chronic, talks about getting bent on a Tacoma Aroma TikTok, and Justin plays the new Pickleball song “A Dinkin’ Problem”. They give a shout-out to The Cow Cats, talk about why listener Al wasn’t listening to them live, and they dive into Bad Life Advice.

Special Guest: Tacompton Files.

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