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Joe Carlson from the podcast Gaming with Grief sits down at the Union Club with the guys in this episode. Joe created the podcast after experiencing a tremendous amount of grief between 2016 and 2020. With it, he tries to examine gaming from a perspective of how it can help deal with grief and how grief is articulated into the game itself.

01:55 – Jeff shares what square GCP would be if they were on Hollywood Square, they talk about pre-funking, and Justin welcomes Joe to the podcast. Joe shares how often Game of Grief is published, being up to podcast 141, and where the idea for the podcast came from. He discusses what made him start the podcast, talks about getting the Play Sation 5, and questions the group on different ways of using cannabis. Justin talks about his love of playing Magic online, Jeff explains his preference for playing DND, and they discuss the local Tacoma DND group.

22:33 – Joe talks about trying to be positive on Twitter, Justin talks about "hate reading" tweets, and Scott talks about shutting off his social media. He talks about the live streaming on the Citizen app, Justin talks about using the police scanner on his phone, and the multiple cannabis stores that have been robbed recently in the PNW. Jeff talks about his t-shirt ideas for the show in March, they discuss the illegal marijuana farms that are still out there in the states where it's legal, and share their reviews of Mead.

47:05 – They jump into Jeff’s Capades, Jeff gives the ending to his recent car drama, and Joe talks about what he's branched off to with the podcast. He shares what makes the best episodes for the podcast, they talk about the different types of games made to deal specifically with grief, and what the most recent grief game is about. They talk about doom scrolling, Facebook's recent loss of billions of dollars, and Joe talks about expanding his podcast to Spotify.

67:17 – Joe talks about his appreciation for GCP, Justin gives a shout-out to the listener that runs the Ferrell Furniture program, and they discuss Washington easing up on the mask and vaccination mandates. Justin talks about where listeners can find Gaming with Grief online, Joe encourages listeners of his podcast to provide feedback, and Justin discusses GCP's upcoming plans. Scott share's where people can buy GCP t-shirts, Jeff talks about designing the shirts, and Justin promotes the local Shroom Brothers artists. They talk about potential teaming with paranormal groups in the PNW, and Joe talks about shutting off the flat earth episode.

Thanks Joe for joining the guys for a great conversation!

Special Guest: Joe Carlson.

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