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On this Friday Night, Grit, Scott, Justin, and Jeff talk about various topics, including the upcoming Crypticon, hothusbands, Taste of Tacoma, and getting into VR.

01:24 – Jeff talks about enjoying his Hungry Man Dinner, people sleeping on the Light Rail, and Scott talks about the security at every Light Rail station. They talk about people being asleep on their feet, Jeff talks about the rampant use of Fentanyl in Seattle, and checking out Horizon Worlds. He talks about locking himself out of his house, the meaning of hot-wife, and introduces the idea of hot-husband. He talks about getting back into his house, Justin talks about his wife investing in an exercise steel mace, and gives his review on Everything Everywhere All At Once.

23:35 – Justin shares their plans to have guests on the podcast during their visit to Crypticon, talks about Brogan donating a keg to the event, and discusses its prices. They talk about plans to share a booth with friend Ken Carlson at Grit City Comic Show in October, Justin talks about what he loved about the Xbox, and other movies Michelle Yeoh has been in. He talks about his love of being able to hang out with the guests at Crypticon, Scott reveals the types of drinks he'll be bringing to the event, and Justin talks about changes with Taste of Tacoma.

47:12 – Justin shares where vanilla flavoring comes from, Scott shows the guy's Slaughter to Prevail, and how the recent show at The Valley was. Justin talks about his love of Stoned Evergreen Travelers, gives props to the band's violin player, and the sentimental feeling he got when seeing the old menu of Pizza & Pipes. Jeff proposes The Ladies Man Seductive Fruit segment, the new meaning of the word smoothy, and Justin talks about the latest whiskey put out by Heritage Whiskey.

70:17 – Justin talks about the fantastic drinks at Hops n Drops, Scott talks about new ideas for the Dark and Stormy drink, and the most recent technique of smoked drinks. Justin shares the panels he'll be on at the con, they talk about the advancements over the years in the process of releasing podcasts, and what keeps them continuing to do the podcast.

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