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Cody and Hurchel from DC253 join the guys on this episode! DC253 is Tacoma's area DEF CON Group. They're a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology, referred to properly as hacking. They meet the last Friday of the month at Devils Reef. On July 27th, they'll be at The Grand Cinema for a pre DEF CON movie screening of the 1983 hacker classic War Games.

1:32 – Jeff announces the day's safe word, Justin introduces the guests, and Cody shares the unique crowds they get at their monthly meetings. Hurchell explains what DEF CON is, Cody talks about the other cons that go on simultaneously as DEF CON, and Hurchell talks about starting the group. Jeff talks about hacking into his house recently, Scott shares his love of the hacking community, and Hurchell explains the true meaning behind hacking.

14:46 – Hurchell talks about what got him into hacking, Jeff poses a hypothetical question to the group, and Cody talks about helping find missing people online. They talk about the importance for people to check their credit because of how frequently personal information is sold online, Hurchell talks about the concern with what happens to our data in the future, and they chat about the recent story on LaMDA AI.

30:19 – Justin talks about his excitement around VR, Jeff and Scott talk about the first thing they did when visiting each other in the VR world, and Hurchell shares books with authors that do a great job of forecasting future technology. Justin talks about the technology advancements that came with Covid, the hybrid working environment, and jobs that robots can take over. Hurchell talks about the DEF CON groups in VR this year, the intent behind their Discord channel, and plans for having a more established place with hacker activities in the future.

45:03 – Cody talks about how they connected with the owner of Devils Reef, Justin talks about his Gin101 experience, and Cody talks about wanting to have a Breaker Space. Justin talks about what hacking means, what he likes about having information about what's going on in the area, and the importance of the open flow of news on the internet. Justin kicks off his new game, Cody shares what he would be famous for if he was famous, and Jeff tells his favorite knock-knock joke.

Thanks, Cody and Hurchel, for hanging out and sharing information on DC253 and DEF CON.

Special Guest: DC253.

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