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This episode, the guys hit up Crypticon, Seattle's premier horror convention. The con offers opportunities for local, and not-so-local, talent in all fields, be that movies, television, radio, music, art, literature, or creators and purveyors of household products and games—all dark-themed to tickle the terrifying fancies of our lurid Seattle horde. Guests have included authors, actors, directors, producers, and writers from classic and upcoming horror titles. Friends Rusty and Ken drop in, along with actor and producer James Clark.

02:44 – Justin kicks off the episode introducing their weekend voyage, them trying to bring back their old school con funness, and the types of drinks Brogan brought to the party. They do an inaugural shot to kick off the weekend, speak of blackout plans, and return the following morning to discuss the past night's excursions. Justin explains the rule to not go hard the first night of the convention, Brogan talks about past GCP con interviews, and Justin welcomes friend of the podcast Rusty. Scott talks about the night before, Brogan tells the story of PBR Coffee, and they reflect on karaoke the night before.

28:02 – Rusty tries the PBR Coffee, they talk about the marijuana-infused Rum Scott made, and their review on Justin's Everclear cherries. Justin talks about the celebrity guests at the con, Ken talks about making his mask, and introduces his friend, actor and producer, James Clark. He talks about his directing style, the short screening of his short film at GenCon, and Amelia Samson's recent popularity on TikTok. Ken talks about his favorite characters in the movie, Brogan talks about the hobbit house in Port Orchard, and Ken talks about filming act two.

54:08 - Ken talks about the most popular individual videos from Enter the Mind Dungeon they released, his challenge with filming, and explains the chef and sous-chef dynamics. He talks about other film ideas he's been working on, and James talks about the importance of getting critical feedback on scripts. James talks about the importance of processing the feedback he receives, the guys then return on the last day of the con, and the fun of exploring movie history.

79:48 – They shout out to the guys who run the Biohazard Party, plan for a future “Old People” party, and Brogan talks about running into a past GCP guest. Justin talks about the hursts on display, Scott talks about the Horror Clowns performing there, and they give reviews of the films they watched during the Shorts Block show. They share the key to surviving a hangover, Brogan talks about the VHS treasures he found, and they close out planning next years con visit.

Special Guests: Ken Carlson and Rusty.

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