TRIATHLON GOLD - Special Edition - All of Triathlons male Olympic Gold medalists in one show!


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The Olympics are finally here. And if you’re like me, you’ve loved the Olympics since you can remember. I’ve always enjoyed watching the best in the world battle it out on the big stage... none more so than the sport of Triathlon. I’ve always wondered what it takes to win on that special day, and what it must feel like crossing that finish line knowing that you are the Olympic champion, and how does that heavy medal affects the rest of your life? Well, I decided to get some answers... today I have all of Triathlons men’s gold medalists on the show. Five Gold and one Silver between the four of them. Simon Whitfield, Hamish Carter, Jan Frodeno, and Alistair Brownlee. Men that I have raced and trained with, men that have conquered the world, and have been heroes to their respective countries. All of them I admire and would call mates, the best men you could ever share a beer with... all-around top blokes. They’ve all been on the show at least once. You can find their past episodes on your podcast app of choice. But never have they all been together on the one show. I’m feeling very honored that they have all agreed to come on, and amazed that we were able to coordinate times from all corners of the world. In this episode, each of the Olympic Champions shares their stories, what they were thinking the days leading into the race? What was going through their head at the pivotal moment of the race? When did they feel like they had it won and what was the initial feeling they each had as they crossed the line knowing they were the Olympic Champion. Jan Frodeno's answer will make you laugh. They each describe how the Gold medal has affected their lives. Their answers may surprise you. The show concludes with their predictions for these Tokyo Olympic games. This has to be one of the greatest podcast episodes ever. What a thrill it was for me to chat with all of these champions. Discount Codes and Deals Athletic Greens - a FREE year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase by visiting Hyperice - Click for exclusive offers on all Hyperice products or visit at and use the code mentioned in the show FormSwim Goggles - for $15 off - The coupon will be automatically added to the cart. Or use code GREG2021 at checkout. Support the show at "The Greg Bennett Show" -

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