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As the popularity of podcasts continues to skyrocket, the podcast advertising industry also saw tremendous growth quarter after quarter, seeing how more consumers and marketers allocate a greater portion of their advertising budget to them. While podcast ads are said to generate higher brand awareness and effectiveness, putting money into marketing and advertising won’t save a podcast that no one actually wants to listen to.

Jordan Harbinger, the man behind one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the world, reveals the secret key to the success of The Jordan Harbinger Show. Jordan is an American lawyer turned social dynamics expert and entrepreneur. With an incredible 11 million monthly downloads, his show has featured some of the biggest names, including Simon Sinek, Kobe Bryant, and Dennis Rodman.

In this episode, Darius and Jordan discuss podcasting and reveal some simple and actionable strategies to grow your digital footprint without spending thousands after ad spend. They also talk about child-rearing practices in different cultures and why it is important to allow children to explore. You will also learn about Jordan’s secret in choosing his guests for his podcast show.

Topics include:

  • How Jordan learned to speak five languages
  • Why Jordan decided to go on a foreign exchange program in Germany in the late ‘90s
  • The biggest cultural differences between different societies
  • Drawbacks of a regressive mindset and excessive policing
  • The benefits of giving teenagers the opportunity to explore and feed their curiosity
  • The secret to growing your podcast without spending thousands of dollars in ad spend
  • Following your passion and taking the path less trodden
  • Jordan shares his biggest takeaway from interviewing his guests
  • How Jordan finds the best podcast guests
  • And other topics…

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