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In the 56th episode of our GreatBase Tennis Podcast, we interview Javier Palenque. Javier is a tennis activist. He cares deeply about the growth and welfare of our sport. His mission is to help America's governing body of tennis to help tennis.
We think Javier should be heard. Perhaps there is some irony interviewing Javier during the US Open, one of the four Super Bowls of tennis. This year, the US Open is extra special with fans being back in the stands. The majors do create extraordinary highs and to a certain degree let tennis enthusiasts forget about the problems facing our sport.
Javier has done his homework by studying and researching the business side of tennis. He considers USTA funds to be " public money," and in addition to citing problems, he offers solutions.
We understand that some may think he is totally rocking the boat, but then there are those who don't think he can rock the boat because the boat is under water.
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