92. Living on Purpose and Connected Through Nervous System Regulation and Simple Daily Wellness Practices | Luke Storey, John Trent, Dr. John Lieurance


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Bringing y'all a quadcast today with some of my favorite people to learn from and with — Luke Storey, Josh Trent and Dr. John Lieurance. Why are these some of my favorite people to learn from? Because they speak from the wisdom of their experiences and this is something that I've learned to be the most potent medicine in my personal journey.

We jump all over the board of self care and evolution from embarking on vision quests, to dialing in on the basics of healing our body, to learning techniques for amplifying the power of connection with our loved ones. All that to say, these aren't checklist items, they take purposeful action and practice – simple, yet not easy. Here's to always learning ways to be more on purpose and connected.

We dive into...

→ Having the courage to step into The Wounded Healer self

→ How to practice pattern interrupt to create more connectedness and healthier responses

→ Why being adrenalized is the modern day illness and how to heal this

→ Understanding the deep importance of sleep hygiene

→ Being present and open with possibilities vs projecting, obsessing and planning rigidly

→ And more


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