S06.E02: Choice Words


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Words! Words! Words! We got them and our three contestants Chris, Mieka, and Tara have to figure them all out. In round one we've over-redacted four letter words in the [blank] and TV titles of 2021 and in round two we challenge our players to name the pop culture properties various made-up words belong to. Blerg! And of course it all comes down to saying it comes down to the lightning round.

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Episode Notes

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🐎 Araminty Brown is very different between the book and the movie.

💰 We are far from the only ones to have noticed how bad the rhymes on "Take the Money and Run" are.

🦸 Blankman was a 1994 Damon Wayans superhero spoof.

🥤 The Sweet Tea Reynolds Scorebreak. The Sweet Tea Reynolds scorebreak: like "Sweet Dee Reynolds," but, you know, Southern? I guess? And ubiquitous down there?

🐘 Not only was there a Heffalump movie, but there was a sequel to said Heffalumpmovie.

🥘 The sidekick in The Black Cauldron is Gurgi.

🫒 The sexual politics of Popeye scorebreak. The sexual politics of Popeye: we're going to avoid thinking about it too much.

🐻‍❄️ The numbers from "Lost" are actually numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

✈️ Dirk Blocker was 1st Lt. Jerome 'Jerry' Bragg in Black Sheep Squadron, and Hitchcock in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

📷 Tara is on Instagram at t.leaf

✍️ Mieka is a writer for Delisted

😎 Chris is too cool for plugs.

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