Boi Crazy: The Blake Street Bombers


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Behold! It's another episode of our pod within the pod, Boi Crazy!

Baseball season has come to an end and the World Series is underway—far away—which has us feeling wistful for those hunktastic homerun heroes of the Colorado Rockies in the 1990s, the Blake Street Bombers. In this very important and extremely necessary episode of Boi Crazy, we earnestly objectify baseball legends Larry Walker, Andrés Galarraga, Vinny Castillo, Dante Bichette, and Ellis Burks.

Don't know a thing about the Colorado Rockies? Don't like baseball? It really doesn't matter! Slip on your hunk-judging goggles and sneak into the dugout with us. And if you are a baseball fan—especially a fan of the Rockies—hoo doggy, buckle up. You are in for a treat.

Click here for the uncut and uncensored video of this episode, where you can see us reacting to photos of these hunks in real time!

We'll be back next Tuesday with a brand-new episode of The Grawlix Saves the World. Until then, stay Boi Crazy!

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