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Welcome back to The Ghost Story Book Club!

In Series 2, Episode 11 join me, Adam Z. Robinson, and my guest, Thom Burgess as we discuss some of the Best Comic Book & Graphic Novel ghost stories. Thom has put together a list of ten of his favourites.

After his breakout indie comic Malevolents in 2015, Thom Burgess quickly garnered attention from the likes of David Sandberg, Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) and had forewords in his books from the likes of Reece Shearsmith and international horror manga artist Junji Ito. Thom has maintained a high profile within the comics medium, publishing Hallows Fell, Photoghasts and Nyctophobias in which his ghost stories were illustrated by talents such as Pam Smy, Abigail Larson and Trevor Henderson. In 2020 Thom launched a Kickstarter for his graphic novel anthology Early Haunts. The campaign eventually gained 799 backers. His most recent project, Photoghasts: A Haunted Photo Card Game already has in excess of 460 backers.

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