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Ryan Delany is the guest, and he runs the Coffee Trading Academy.

Ryan is a veteran of the US military and after serving as a dedicated marksman in Afghanistan in the early 2000s, he then went on the be educated at Harvard under the GI bill and it was here where he discovered his love and passion for coffee.

Ryan Delany is a coffee trader and educator and as we speak about in the chat, you’ll hear how there is a clear diction between trading a commodity and growing or mining a commodity.

This distinction informs much of his worldview and makes for an extremely realistic, informed and objective take on coffee.

You can expect to hear in this podcast about the following and more…

  • The Geography Of Coffee.
  • How The Environment Effects The Coffee Market.
  • The Legiticamny Of Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Fair Trade, etc.
  • The Stupifying Efficiency Of The Whole Supply Chain.
  • China/US As The Next Superpower>
  • & More, More + More.

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  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 02:24 – What Is A Coffee Guy?
  • 09:44 – The Geography Of Coffee.
  • 24:54 – The Coffee Consumer & The Coffee Commodity.
  • 38:04 – How Climate Change Effects Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Fair Trade, etc.
  • 54:09 – Labour Rates & Issues From The Trade.
  • 1:17:54 – The Unbelievable Efficiency Of The Coffee Market.
  • 1:29:24 – Exciting & Closing Facts On The Coffee Industry.
  • 1:34:24 – A Geopolitical Side Bar On The China/US Superpower Question (The Thucydides Trap).
  • 1:46:44 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.
  • 1:48:48 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For The Podcast.

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