Michael Smith #UkraineRussiaWar | Xi Jinping Territorial Ambitions For Taiwan In Response To Russia’s War


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This was recorded at 0800 on the 7th of March, CET.

Michael Smith is the North Asian Correspondent for AFR. Michael was a guest on this podcast in #45 where he discussed his sudden evacuation from China and his book, The Last Correspondent.

Michael Smith has been keeping a really close eye on how China, the CCP and Xi Jinping have all been reacting to what is going on in Ukraine. The big question on everybody’s lips is… how does this affect China’s territorial ambition for Taiwan?

In This Podcast With Michael Smith, We Speak About…

  • Territorial Ambitions For Taiwan.
  • China’s Military.
  • Similarities Between Putin & Xi Jinping.

Timestamps With Michael Smith

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:59 – How Are Territorial Ambitions For Taiwan Affected By The War?
  • 06:29 – How Much Does Xi Jinping Know?
  • 11:29 – How Has The Taiwan Calculation Changed?
  • 16:39 – Nuts & Bolts, What Is Taiwan Worth To China?
  • 19:09 – Tapei Solidarity With Ukraine Aggression Towards China?
  • 21:59 – Timeline Of Xi Reaction.
  • 28:14 – Similarities Between Putin & Xi Jinping.
  • 37:18 – A Sense For China’s Military.

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