Jim Henry | Blood Bankers - How Offshore & Financial Secrecy Are A Cancer On The Developing World


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Jim Henry is the author of Blood Bankers a classic investigative tale of following the money.

Jim is a Harvard educated economist and lawyer, one of the famous Nader Raiders, a former chief economist at McKinsey & Co, an investigative journalist, author and as you can imagine much more as well. He is a founding member of TJN, the Tax Justice Network and one of the leading voices on curtailing tax evasion and the proliferation of offshore activity.

He is currently the founder and managing director of the Sag Harbour Group, a consultancy for technology organisations.

In this podcast with Jim Henry & Blood Bankers, you can expect to learn...

  • How Jim discovered Nixon offshore money
  • The early history of tax havens
  • Operating as chief economist at McKinsey during so much of the development crisis
  • His thoughts on confessions of an economic hitman
  • an example of the archetypal debt elephant - which is a hydro dam in brazil, whose damage is borderline unfathomable
  • Implications of the underground economy
  • Debt trap diplomacy
  • Much, much more...

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00:00 - Introduction
08:04 - Jim's Early Years
15:56 - Thinking About The Underground Economy
26:02 - Nixon Offshore Money
34:11 - Following The Money & Emphasising McKinsey & Co
45:26 - The Archetypal Economic Hitman Story & Jim's Thoughts On Confessions Of An Economic Hitman
52:15 - The Philippines & The Marcos Debacle
57:56 - Death On Hermila Marcos's Hands
1:02:56 - Why Does Money Continue To Flow Into A Corrupt Regime?
1:09:25 - Defining Capital Flight & More On The Nuts & Bolds On The Money
1:23:14 - What Are The Incentives For The World Bank/IMF?
1:27:56 - A Question From Nicholas Shaxson - Poisoned Scrambled Eggs & Dangers In Investigation.
1:40:26 - Reflecting On Leaving The Corporate Life Behind To Write A Book
1:48:26 - Narrowing In On Brazil, The Archetypal Debt Elephant
2:06:21 - Mexico & Implications Of The Underground Economy
2:21:16 - Is Demand A Stronger Force Than Supply When It Comes To The Drug Trade?2:27:56 - How Offshore Allows The Scale Of Criminal Organisations
2:34:20 - Chinese Debt Trap Diplomacy
2:38:00 - What Does Jim Think About Foreign Aid?
2:44:50 - What About The Ethics Of Tax Evasion?
2:56:10 - Jim On Russia
3:06:00 - What Country Is Jim Bullish On?
3:08:50 - Conversation Between Any Two People Of History?
3:11:38 - Afterthoughts

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