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Article For This Podcast: https://atlasgeographica.com/dan-mcdougall-interview/
Dan McDougall is a Film Director, Writer and British Foreign Correspondent of the Year - the UK equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize, an award for which he has been nominated for three times.

To date, Dan has won four Amnesty International Awards for Human Rights Reporting. Dan has done all this alongside an extraordinary but also harrowing career of writing and reporting from all corners of our wonderful globe.

The issues he covered were as diverse as child rape in South Africa, LGBT persecution in Syria, the plight of Europe’s Roma population, Zimbabwe’s deadly trade in Blood Diamonds, African migration across the Med into Europe, the uncovering illegal sweatshops in India, the opium trade in Afghanistan, sexual violence in Congo, child labour in the cotton fields of the Nile Valley, and much, much more.

Dan is a charming Scotsman, a Glaswegian to be precise, and is truly one of the great international journalists of our lifetime.

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