Angelica Oung | The Complexity Of The Taiwan & China Relationship & Understanding TCMS


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Angelica Oung brands herself as Taiwan's #1 neo-liberal shill.
She is a Taiwanese/American and currently operating as a business and technology journalist out of Taiwan. Read her substack here and follow her on Twitter here. We covered many exciting things in this conversation, episode #35 on the 'Curious Worldview Podcast'.
You can expect to learn about...

  • The complexity of the Taiwan/China relationship.
  • The amazing world of TCMS & Semiconductors.
  • What a neoliberal shill is.

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00:00 - Introduction
04:38 - What Is A Neo-Liberal Shill?
09:48 - How Do You Fit Into Taiwan?
13:48 - Key Differences Between Taiwanese & Chinese Institutions.
20:52 - Expanding On Angelica's Singapore Comment.
22:48 - Is It Frustrating That China Is Always Taiwan's #1 Variable.
32:16 - How Ominous Is The Threat Of China?
35:50 - How Has Taiwan Changed Over The Years?
38:41 - Speaking About The Semiconductor Market?
49:23 - Trade Between Taiwan & China.
58:38 - How Strong Do You Feel The Military Threat In China?
1:03:18 - On China Destroying Their International Reputation.
1:08:08 - We Must Speak Again.
1:08:58 - What Is It Like Operating As A Journalist In Taiwan?
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