Interview with author of '1982 Brazil' and These Football Times contributor Stuart Horsfield


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In this episode Frank talks to Stuart Horsfield, of These Football Times, the author of '1982 Brazil The Glorious Failure' and host of 'What's the Score' podcast.

Frank and Stuart talk about the iconic Brazilian side of 1982 and his fantastic book available via Pitch Publishing.

They discuss the legendary 1982 World Cup match between Brazil and Italy, the backstory to the great Brazil side, why they're the side Stuart measures all great football teams against, the official World Cup film G'ole!, Claudio Gentile, Diego Maradona, Paolo Rossi, the Italy and Brazil rivalry, Stuart's next book and if the 1982 World Cup is the greatest of them all.

Stuart can be found at @loxleymisty44, @thesefootytimes and hosts the podcast 'What's the Score' with @thebackpages4.

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