CCFP 105 Topics: Palliative Care


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  • Written By: Caleb Dusdal
  • Expert Review By: GP Palliative Care specialists at Foothills Hospital in Calgary Alberta
    • Dr Amir Surmawala @AmirSurmawala and
    • Dr. Katherine Liu
  • Episode Art By: Aikansha Chawla

Because of our unique circumstance as Family Doctors, Often we are going to be the ones uncovering and sharing life-threatening and life-limiting diagnoses with our patients.

Alongside this, we are their longitudinal link to the services they may need and are best able to have these difficult conversations EARLY, to avoid last minute decisions and emotionally difficult visits to the ER or Intensive care.

Today we are going to discuss:

  • what is Palliative Care,
  • the multidisciplinary needs for good Palliative Care,
  • Serious Illness Conversations and identifying patients goals of care,
  • principles of pain management,
  • and longitudinal follow up on patient’s wishes at end-of-life.

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