CCFP 105 Topics: Dizziness - An Update with Dr Peter Johns


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Join us as we update the Dizziness episode with the expertise of vertigo guru, Dr Peter Johns. When he isn't trying to update the medical internet community into more clinically useful vertigo management, he is working as an ER Physician in Ottawa, as well as in the Rapid Access Dizziness(RAD) clinic helping dizzy patients.

Here we update the prior episode with clinical pearls like:

  • do not bother with HINTS unless there is persistent nystagmus
  • how to bring out an otherwise hidden nystagmus
  • commonest features of BPPV, and when you might miss a less obvious BPPV
  • please do not focus on the ubiquitous central v peripheral vertigo table we all have been taught
  • and much more

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