Low Risk Obstetrics: MFM Lite


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  • Written By : Kyla Freeman, Rural Family Medicine PGY2
  • Expert Reviewed By : Dr. Megan Cuthbertson
  • Hosts : Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Catilin Blewett
  • Episode Art : Aikansha Chawla

In this episode we provide a brief overview of a few topics to consider in pre-conception and first pregnancy appointment counselling to help optimize your patients prenatal care.

Topics we will explore include which antihypertensives are safe in pregnancy, who to consider starting on ASA early in pregnancy, how long to delay pregnancy post-C-section in patient's wishing to have a TOLAC, interventions to help reduce the risk of preterm birth, and considerations when managing a pregnant patient with a past history of thyroid

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