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In this month’s Practice Index sponsored panel episode, Ben is joined by panel regular Robyn Clark & also Hussain Gandhi. They discuss the new announcement made by the labour party in regard to General Practice and making the service salaried to the NHS. Robyn and Gandhi express their thoughts with reference to the announcement and the impact it may have on the public, GPs and GP Surgeries. Ben explores if this change could happen under a Labour government and how it would look for GPs.

Introduction (0.09)

New announcements made by labour (0.44)

Labour’s Wes Streeting's words… (1.28)

Gandhi's thoughts.. (2.22)

Frustrations for politicians unable to control GP Practices (3.38)

Robyn’s thoughts.. (5.10)

Why now? (6.13)

Cross-party commitment to the Enquiry report (8.55)

Where do we move forward from here? (9.56)

Does this introduce bureaucracy? (13.08)

Reflection of the National Leadership of General Practice (14.00)

Can we do more to support National Leaders of General Practice? (16.08)

Could this change happen if Labour got in? (18.44)

What would it look like…? (20.12)

Final thoughts..? (20.59)

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