9. Act of Grace


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Izzy Hands had a whole plan to rescue his beloved Blackbeard from the clutches of Stede Fooking Bonnet, but Edward Teach had other ideas. After invoking the titular Act of Grace, Ed and Stede end up at the Academy for Wayward Seamen, where a clean shaven Blackbeard-turned-Ed confesses his feelings for Stede and they KISS on the BEACH because they are GAY PIRATES IN LOVE!!!

But then, oh no! Stede gets kidnapped by Chauncey Badminton who shoots himself through the eye in a drunken haze, causing Stede to bolt home like a panicked rabbit. Seemingly abandoned by his love, Ed returns to the Revenge just in time to (unfortunately) save Izzy from the crew’s mutiny.

Join us aboard The Gay Pirate Podcast for Our Flag Means Death season 1 episode 9, Act of Grace

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