How to Go From Best-Kept-Secret to The One Who Wrote the Book in just 30 Days with Steve Gordon


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Steve Gordon is a 2-time entrepreneur, bestselling author of 5 books, including “Unstoppable Referrals”, and his latest book, “The Magnetic Author Method”. He's interviewed over 185 world-class entrepreneurs on “The Unstoppable CEO Podcast.” Steve and his team help smart entrepreneurs go from being the best-kept-secret in their industry to being "The Person Who Wrote the Book" in 30 Days. In this episode, Steve shares
  • Why a business owner/entrepreneur should write a book
  • Why it’s OK if someone else has written the book that you should have written
  • Why writing a book is a must in this age of commoditization
  • How not to give away all of your secrets for free
  • Why the textbook model won’t work for your business
  • How transformational books lead to business
  • The three types of books
  • The best way to launch your book
  • How to leverage your book to get speaking gigs

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