The Media's Incurious UAP (UFO) Coverage - Exploring the Truth with John Greenewald


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It's a different sort of episode for this Fourth Watch, as John Greenewald, the founder of The Black Vault joins Steve Krakauer to talk about the important issue of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and the term that is used now, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) - and the media coverage of the topic. On the importance of transparency, the stigmatized and incurious coverage, government and intel agency coziness with the media, the bombshell December 2017 New York Times and Politico reporting on the topic, the thaw in UAP coverage, was was missing from the early reporting in 2017, the counterintelligence value of the UAP discussion, what the DNI's preliminary assessment on UAPs last year actually tells us, the first public Congressional hearing on the topic in more than 50 years last month, the need to decouple the UAP conversation from one involving "aliens" and "extraterrestrial life," the importance of FOIA, and more. And then at the end we get down to it - John's (and Steve's) theories on what the UAPs might actually be.

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