49. David Roger | Felix Gray (blue light blocking glasses)


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David Roger is the Co-Founder & CEO of Felix Gray.
Felix Gray is the pioneer of mainstream blue light blocking glasses and a dominant player in the digital wellness category. Their lenses are 15x more effective than competitors and 9/10 customers report a significant improvement in digital eye strain when wearing the product consistently.
In the digital age, many of us are glued to screens 24/7. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a pair of blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes and minimize headaches, dizziness and fatigue throughout the day.
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Tune in to hear David’s story!
And remember, at the end of the episode, we ask David to brainstorm other business ideas that he’d explore if Felix Gray was gone tomorrow. Our brainstorm included future of work/living solutions and infrastructure to help influencers create and grow their own brands.

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