48. Jeremy Cai | Italic (affordable luxury shopping club)


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Jeremy Cai is the Founder & CEO of Italic.
Italic is positioned to disrupt the traditional retail value chain by giving consumers access to high-end products at cost. That means you only pay what it costs the manufacturer to make and deliver it to you – no markups for branding or retail middlemen. Imagine getting access to products from Burberry, Prada, Alexander Wang, Tumi and All Clad for 80% off the traditional retail price! [Italic has officially entered the chat]
How do they do it? Italic built relationships with the same manufacturers that make the raw goods for your favorite luxury brands. Instead of pushing manufacturers to drive prices down, Italic realigns incentives by paying manufacturers more and passing the traditional brand mark-up margin onto customers as savings. Instead of making a large profit on each item, Italic charges an annual membership fee of $120 for members to access all of their products. It's the members only shopping club you've always dreamed of.
And because Italic’s founder Jeremy is a friend, he’s offering 30% off your first year of the membership to join the club. Visit italic.com/founder to take advantage of the offer!
Tune in to hear Jeremy’s story!

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