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Alex Lieberman is the Co-Founder & CEO of Morning Brew.
Alex is a first time entrepreneur and started Morning Brew during his undergrad days at University of Michigan in 2015.
Morning Brew is a media company focused on delivering business and tech news to 3M+ subscribers. Alex and Co-Founder Austin grew Morning Brew into a household name on the back of their free daily business email. The team supercharged subscriber growth by building robust ambassador and referral programs and launching several other content products including Emerging Tech Brew, Marketing Brew, Retail Brew, Sidekick and their hit podcast, Business Casual. In October of 2020, Morning Brew sold a majority stake to Business Insider for a reported $75M.
Tune in to hear Alex’s story!

  • Sections
    • (2:29) – The Origin Story
    • (6:04) – The Build
    • (47:35) – The Founder
    • (52:24) – The Brainstorm
  • Topics
    • (2:29) Alex’s background
    • (6:04) Growth playbook
    • (8:18) Hub and spoke growth model
    • (11:28) Ambassador and referral Programs
    • (20:42) “We’ve got something” moment
    • (23:39) What hasn’t worked
    • (26:49) Hiring
    • (34:27) Selling to Business Insider
    • (41:06) Alex’s Startup Manifesto
    • (47:35) Starting from scratch building an audience today
    • (52:24) The Brainstorm – Business education and mental health via emotional sherpa

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