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Bilal Zaidi is the Founder & CEO of Creator Lab.
Bilal is a multi-time entrepreneur and creator, having previously built and scaled a successful ecommerce store as a teen and led partnership teams at Google and charity: water.
Creator Lab is a podcast and digital marketing consultancy. On his weekly podcast, Bilal interviews world-class creators and entrepreneurs to break down the tactics behind how they built their businesses. Creator Lab has been listened to in over 100 countries and featured world renowned guests from Cenk Uygur and Gary Vee to Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and Jack Butcher.
Tune in to hear Bilal’s story!

  • Sections
    • (14:11) – The Origin Story
    • (22:44) – The Build
    • (1:01:30) – The Founder
    • (1:12:28) – The Brainstorm
  • Topics
    • (1:47) Bilal’s background
    • (3:38) Entrepreneurial switch flipping
    • (7:51) Building a career ark
    • (11:36) First-row seat to YouTube and Android scaling
    • (14:11) Origin story for Creator Lab
    • (22:44) Best tactics from recruiting top podcast guests
    • (31:55) Drivers for show growth
    • (37:10) Starting a podcast from scratch today
    • (42:42) The power of Clubhouse
    • (44:22) Creating with a full-time job vs self-employed
    • (49:32) Defining success for Creator Lab
    • (54:20) Bilal’s Startup Manifesto
    • (1:01:30) Bilal’s Personal Operating System
    • (1:06:13) Bilal’s Wellness Stack
    • (1:12:28) The Brainstorm – Live shark tank where the audience can invest and democratizing access to private markets

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