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Marc Barros is the Co-Founder & CEO of Moment.
Marc is a second-time founder, having previously launched Contour, a venture-backed action camera company that challenged GoPro in the early 2000s.
Moment is building the largest marketplace for creators. Originally, Marc and his founding team launched the Moment Lens system on Kickstarter, a series of phone cases and external lenses aimed to level up your mobile photography. Since then, Moment has morphed into a marketplace that sells all the gear you need to create as well as lessons & trips from your favorite pros. In addition to their marketplace and branded products, Moment runs an annual mobile film festival (MIFF) and is building a service layer to help creatives monetize their businesses.
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Tune in to hear Marc’s story!

  • Sections
    • (3:30) – The Origin Story
    • (8:00) – The Build
    • (35:10) – The Founder
    • (47:45) – The Brainstorm
  • Topics
    • (2:10) Marc’s background
    • (3:30) Starting Contour at 20 years old
    • (8:00) How to win markets and differentiate
    • (9:40) Transitioning from 1st to 2nd company
    • (11:45) Unique insights into mobile photography space
    • (13:15) What is Moment?
    • (13:45) Making products vs marketplace - which should come first?
    • (15:20) Building customer journeys
    • (16:20) Creator economy pain points
    • (17:53) Becoming the service layer for creatives
    • (18:40) Leveraging Kickstarter the right way
    • (21:15) Approach to experimentation/org structure
    • (20:22) What hasn’t worked?
    • (24:09) Hiring
    • (28:35) Improving remote work
    • (32:30) Manifesting the future
    • (33:30) Marc’s Startup Manifesto
    • (35:25) Compensation philosophy
    • (38:25) Fundraising philosophy
    • (41:00) Founder vs CEO
    • (44:35) Best mobile photography trick
    • (45:30) Marc’s wellness stack
    • (47:45) The Brainstorm – Owning peace and quiet, water conservation, future of photography

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Moment – shopmoment.com

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