43. Carly Bigi | Laws of Motion (custom womenswear)


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Carly Bigi is the Founder & CEO of Laws of Motion.
Carly is a first-time founder who launched Laws of Motion while studying for her MBA at Columbia University.
Laws of Motion is flipping the apparel industry on its head by providing access to data-driven custom womenswear. Contrary to the standard sizing offered by most apparel brands, Laws of Motion uses your personalized measurements and a robust dataset of 10,000 other women to create perfect fitting clothes. Today, they go-to-market with 144 micro-sizes to serve every customer shape and size. When Covid hit in early March 2020, Laws of Motion shut down their popular apparel line and repurposed the entire company to make PPE. They donated 1M masks and delivered 2.4M gowns / 2M shoe covers to help frontline healthcare workers fight the pandemic.
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Tune in to hear Carly’s story!

  • Sections
    • (3:20) – The Origin Story
    • (7:13) – The Build
    • (31:17) – The Founder
    • (39:41) – The Brainstorm
  • Topics
    • (2:33) Carly’s background
    • (3:20) What is Laws of Motion
    • (4:05) Approach to MBA
    • (6:25) Bootstrapping vs funding
    • (7:013) What was the market opportunity that others missed?
    • (10:23) Biggest doubts/assumptions in the early days
    • (12:13) Where did the name Laws of Motion come from?
    • (12:43) Laws of Motion customer journey
    • (13:44) Avoiding the inventory problem
    • (16:02) Building a custom factory
    • (17:04) What hasn’t worked with Laws of Motion
    • (19:01) The 3 levers of IP for Laws of Motion
    • (20:16) Covid impact and shifting to PPE
    • (23:48) Laws of Motion product line
    • (24:55) 10X growth
    • (26:03) Manifesting the future for Laws of Motion
    • (27:05) Hiring
    • (29:33) Startup Manifesto
    • (31:17) Advice to younger self
    • (32:43) Needle mover habit
    • (37:48) Carly’s wellness stack
    • (35:08) Personal operating system
    • (39:41) The Brainstorm – Improving longevity, designing a new umbrella from the ground up and encouraging more entrepreneurship

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