39. Jon Shooshani | JOON (corporate wellness benefits)


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Jon Shooshani is the Founder & President of JOON.
Jon is a first time founder, having previously started Avo, a wellness based consumer spending card that pivoted into JOON in 2019.
JOON is a corporate wellness program that makes it easy for companies to offer flexible benefits around wellbeing. Employers get the freedom to choose wellness and lifestyle options that are meaningful to them and the JOON software automates the reimbursement process to eliminate the administrative burden. JOON currently offers spending categories across fitness, food, mental health, family care, education, donations and student loan repayment.
Tune in to hear Jon’s story!

  • The Origin Story – 2:22
  • The Build – 14:06
  • The Founder – 42:38
  • The Brainstorm – 56:33

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JOON – joon.io

The Founder - www.thefounderpod.com

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