33. Farryn Weiner | Farrynheight (branding and marketing SWAT team)


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Farryn Weiner is the Founder & CEO of Farrynheight.
Farryn spent the last 15 years mastering her craft as a storyteller through a variety of creative fields. After graduating from NYU film school, she spent time at different magazines and tech companies before ultimately landing at jetsetter.com and formally entering the world of marketing. When she worked at Jetsetter, social media was emerging as a game-changing portal for two-way brand communication and she was fascinated by the power it gave brands to own their narrative and talk directly to their customers. She then went on to work in marketing roles at Michael Kors and most recently, Sweetgreen, helping expand their footprint nationwide. Along the way she had countless conversations with founders and VCs and understood a common deprioritization of marketing & branding in the early days of a start-up. She knew from her experience how critical it was to build this foundation and wanted to create a bad ass team of marketers who could fill that gap. That’s how Farrynheight was born.
Today at Farrynheight, Farryn runs a brand strategy and marketing SWAT team. Their sweet spot is to work with early stage startups to help them launch or relaunch their brands. The team is unique in that they are incredibly selective about the clients they work with, serving as an extension of the core team and completely replacing the marketing function in some cases. Their mix of all-star women enables them to seamlessly zoom in and zoom out, helping founders understand the high-level strategy behind building a powerful brand as well as the tactical steps needed to execute on that brand vision day to day. To date, they’ve worked with companies like Reformation, Bandier, Highline Wellness, Monument, Scent Bird and more.
Tune in to hear Farryn's story!

  • (2:43) Farrynheight snapshot today
  • (4:35) Background and founding story
  • (7:36) Building brand strategy - approach
  • (10:45) Building brand strategy - tactics
  • (14:03) Staying a great brand for decades
  • (16:58) Scaling a service business
  • (22:18) People-light businesses
  • (24:03) Marketing strategy - tactics
  • (27:41) Favorite brand campaigns
  • (31:28) Future of DTC
  • (36:11) What hasn't worked well in building Farrynheight?
  • (42:33) Transparency
  • (46:33) Balancing ambition and happiness
  • (51:16) What drives you?
  • (53:15) Farryn's wellness stack
  • (59:37) Farryn's startup manifesto

Farrynheight - farrynheight.com

The Founder - www.thefounderpod.com

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