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Kenny Haisfield is the Founder & CEO of Kenny Flowers.
Kenny grew up in Florida with the sounds of Jimmy Buffet music ringing through the yard. After studying economics and international relations in college, he ended up working as a customer experience consultant at IBM, traveling across the northeast to serve his clients. One day, after wearing his dad’s vintage Hawaiian shirt for the millionth time, he wondered why no one had modernized it for the current day consumer. He realized that as social media began to grow in popularity and people were taking more and more pictures on the weekends, guys couldn’t get away with having the same old shirt in every photo. When he saw that tropical and floral prints started to regain popularity, he knew that his calling was to reimagine island wear for the modern consumer. That’s when he went all-in to start Kenny Flowers.
Today at Kenny Flowers, Kenny and his team are on a mission to help you embrace that feeling of vacation each and every day. What started out as a floral printed short-sleeve button down shirt has quickly turned into a full line of his and hers modern resort wear. Their product line ranges from Hawaiian shirts and swim trunks to women’s swim suits and cover-ups and even matching couple’s sets. And the devil is in the details when it comes to their design - each of their flagship shirts are made in Bali with stitched lay-down collars, coconut buttons and a sunglasses loop in the front pocket to keep your shades secured. Kenny Flowers has been at it for the last 6 years and sees nothing but smooth sailing and high growth ahead.
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Tune in to hear Kenny's story!

  • (2:53) Kenny Flowers snapshot today
  • (4:53) Background and founding story
  • (11:40) Building customer loyalty
  • (15:04) Ecommerce assumptions vs reality
  • (17:15) Product feedback and iterations
  • (21:52) Going from lifestyle business -> venture scale
  • (25:12) Financial expectations
  • (27:22) 10X growth
  • (29:28) Manifesting the future
  • (32:18) Future of DTC
  • (34:19) Out of the box marketing tactics
  • (41:00) What hasn't worked well
  • (45:05) Hiring and culture
  • (52:07) Kenny's wellness stack
  • (59:50) Exciting trends
  • (1:04:48) Kenny's startup manifesto
  • (1:09:32) Kenny's founder nomination

Kenny Flowers - kennyflowers.com

The Founder - www.thefounderpod.com

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