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Chris Roth is the Founder & CEO of Highline Wellness.
Chris grew up in New York and went to Siena College on a lacrosse scholarship. Although sports were his main focus and he wasn’t a huge fan of school growing up, he eventually wound up as intern at an investment bank on Wall Street. He loved it. To him, the culture at the bank felt similar to his time playing sports – competitive, fast-paced and heavily reliant on a strong team. When he started full time on the sales side at the bank after college, he covered e-commerce and specifically the transition of companies from brick and mortar to online. In 2016, his firm produced the first report on the cannabis space and after reading it cover to cover, he realized what a massive opportunity existed. As someone who had always wanted to start his own company, it was at this moment that he had the spark for Highline Wellness.
Today at Highline Wellness, Chris and his team are on a mission to change the negative stigma around cannabis. At their core, they strongly believe cannabis is medicine and that it has the potential to improve millions of lives. Today, all of their CBD products have 0% THC, are non-psychoactive and use the highest quality, clean ingredients. In addition to a variety of topicals and oils, they’ve formulated some of their gummies with functional ingredients like caffeine for jitter-free energy or melatonin to enhance your bedtime routine. While Highline is just in its second year of business, the team has already taken a foothold as one of the premiere CBD brands in the country. And they’re not stopping there. They have huge plans to develop products across several verticals focused on total wellness delivered through plant based medicine.
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Tune in to hear Chris's story!

  • (2:55) Highline Wellness snapshot today
  • (4:28) Background and founding story
  • (8:44) E-commerce trends
  • (12:10) CBD 101
  • (16:10) How to prove legitimacy as a brand
  • (19:06) Anxiety in our society
  • (25:30) Customer acquisition & growth
  • (31:05) 10X growth
  • (34:02) Expanding into THC market
  • (35:10) Manifesting the future for Highline Wellness
  • (38:34) What hasn't worked well
  • (43:20) Lessons to younger self
  • (44:44) Chris's wellness stack
  • (50:42) Exciting trends
  • (54:15) Chris's startup manifesto
  • (59:38) Chris's founder nomination

Highline Wellness - highlinewellness.com

The Founder - www.thefounderpod.com

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