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Michael Kranitz is the Founder and CEO of Eventsquid.
With a background in speech, standup comedy and radio in his early life, Michael went to law school in an attempt to figure out what he wanted to do longer-term. After graduating, he found himself practicing corporate litigation law for the next several years and experienced a broad exposure to a variety of different businesses and business models. Although he was building a successful law career, he always felt in the back of his mind that it wasn’t his calling and wanted to make the jump to technology. Through a series of twists and turns, he became a serial entrepreneur, launching software companies across automotive, mail catalogs, radio control flying, and newspaper syndication - selling his companies to bigger players along the way. He eventually wound up building an event management platform for radio control events, a space he had a ton of personal passion for. Along the way, he started branching out to events beyond radio control to things like archery, bodybuilding and golf. Those early verticals laid the foundation for Eventsquid.
Today at Eventsquid, Michael and his team have built a comprehensive event management solution. Their software helps event planners handle everything they need to execute a flawless event, including things like event promotion, setup, mobile app, day-of check-in, badges, speaker management, vendor management, reporting and more. They work with a range of clients across all industries and have built solutions that facilitate virtual events as well!
Tune in to hear Michael's story!

  • (2:28) Eventsquid snapshot today
  • (4:05) Background and Eventsquid founding story
  • (20:30) Product iteration
  • (26:38) Marketing tactics
  • (29:20) Unit economics and business model
  • (30:40) Competitive landscape
  • (34:46) Product improvements
  • (37:07) Covid impact
  • (40:34) Future of events
  • (44:50) Hiring
  • (47:52) Mentor advice
  • (52:37) Advice to younger self
  • (55:01) Market trends
  • (58:23) Learning & resources
  • (59:20) Michael's startup manifesto
  • (1:03:38) Michael's founder nomination

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