19. Masha Titova | Titov (modern lingerie)


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Masha Titova is the Founder and CEO of Titov.
Masha went to school for fashion design and after graduating, moved to LA to work for several fashion houses and startups including Marc Jacobs, BCBG Maxazria, and YEEZY. As a production manager at Yeezy, she found herself working long hours traveling all over to different manufacturing facilities. In the middle of a super hot day, she felt uncomfortable with her bra and took it off during work. After feeling embarrassed and annoyed, she made it her mission to create lingerie that didn’t distract her from her day. And that’s how Titov was born.
Today at Titov, Masha and her team set out to make modern lingerie that’s comfortable and fun. They operate under a mentality that underwear should work with you, not against you, and drive a positive experience to support you throughout your day. They use high quality, sustainable materials, and offer non-restrictive sizes with the option for made-to-order.
Tune in to hear Masha's story!
As a special offer, Masha is giving our listeners 15% off your first order. Just use code "Founder" at checkout.

  • (2:05) Titov snapshot today
  • (3:00) Background and Titov founding story
  • (5:34) What makes Titov unique
  • (12:04) Learnings from working at YEEZY & BCBG
  • (14:01) Distribution strategy
  • (16:03) Marketing strategy and tactics
  • (22:36) Future of retail
  • (28:36) Competition
  • (31:51) Manifesting the future
  • (33:18) Hiring
  • (38:53) Mentor advice
  • (41:06) Frustrating/validating moment
  • (42:30) Fundraising approach
  • (46:25) Advice to younger self
  • (51:09) Learning & resources
  • (52:43) Masha's startup manifesto
  • (54:39) Masha's founder nomination

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