16. Carolyn Treasure | Peachy (wrinkle treatment & prevention)


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Carolyn Treasure is the Co-Founder and CEO of Peachy.
Carolyn has no shortage of impressive credentials. After getting her undergrad degree at UNC Chapel Hill, she went to Harvard Medical School. It was at Harvard that people started asking her for advice on how to prevent wrinkles. Paired with her personal interest to explore the space, she dove deep into the scientific literature to find that there was a lot of strong data supporting 3 core products in successful wrinkle prevention. That’s when she got the idea to create Peachy.
At Peachy, Carolyn and her team have created the one-stop shop for wrinkle treatment and prevention. Their 3 step formula is based around preventive botox, prescription strength retinoids and daily-use sunscreen. The beauty of their program is that it doesn’t change or alter your natural appearance. Peachy operates both online and in their brick and mortar studio, which just opened up in Soho, in New York City.
This was an inspiring interview that really showcased the science behind wrinkle prevention and debunked some major myths around botox.
Tune in to hear Carolyn's story!
As a special offer, Carolyn is giving our listeners $25 off all in-studio preventative Botox and prescription retinoid appointments. Just mention the founder podcast at the front desk and you’ll get the discount. Go to peachystudio.com for more details!

  • (2:07) Peachy snapshot today
  • (3:17) Background
  • (5:10) Botox and retinoids
  • (9:29) Peachy business model
  • (10:42) First steps
  • (12:31) Botox stigma
  • (14:35) Consumer education
  • (15:38) Signs people need botox
  • (16:22) Customer profile
  • (17:50) Expanding the brand
  • (19:06) Marketing tactics
  • (21:21) Covid impact
  • (23:24) Investor lessons
  • (27:26) Competition
  • (29:23) Manifesting the future
  • (31:27) Hiring
  • (32:38) Mentor advice
  • (36:12) Frustrating/validating moment
  • (38:32) Advice to younger self
  • (42:42) Exciting trends
  • (43:52) Morning routine
  • (45:00) Favorite brands/products
  • (47:06) Learning & resources
  • (48:34) Carolyn's startup manifesto
  • (49:46) Carolyn's founder nomination

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