Revolutionising Families Savings with Cem Eyi CEO & COO of Kidstart & Beanstalk


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Every parent wants to invest in their childrens’ future, and what better way to do so than by opening a child savings account?

That's what led Cem Eyi to co-found KidStart and Beanstalk, two universally accessible child investment products that allow families to save money for their kids' future easily and flexibly.

Join host Shameer Sachdev and Cem Eyi, CEO & COO of Kidstart & Beanstalk, as they talk about the journey of creating two financial products that revolutionised family savings.

In this episode, they cover:

👉How to build new financial services on top of your main fintech product

👉The importance of having a straightforward onboarding process

👉Launching a fundraising campaign in the middle of a market storm

👉Staying on track with your growth plan

👉Finding the right marketing automation tools

If you’re looking to grow your fintech business, want to explore how to start saving up money for your kids, or want to learn more about KidStart or Beanstalk and their inspiring journey, tune in to this episode of The FML Podcast.

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