042: Mia Gianelli on Mastering Muscle-Ups & Gymnastics in CrossFit


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In this episode, we discuss the best progressions, drills, and accessory movements to learn and refine both bar & ring muscle-ups for CrossFit athletes.

Mia Gianelli
graduated academia with an Exercise Physiology degree, and later became a coach at Training Think Tank.

From writing designs for high-level CrossFit athletes, to heading the strength & conditioning of field sport athletes, Mia coaches an array of athletes.

In addition to coaching CrossFit athletes, Mia is one herself. And being a taller athlete, gymnastics movements did not come as naturally to her, but through consistent, focused work she has mastered all the gymnastics movements in CrossFit's testing body.

In 2021 her efforts came to fruition, as she competed at the CrossFit Games as a member of TTT's team.

The time and energy Mia spent working drills & progressions and pulling apart her own gymnastics movements have led her to be an invaluable asset to her clients.

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Discussion Points

Today we get into…

• Mia's athletic journey & her development of gymnastics movements

• Which gymnastics movements come most naturally for athletes

• The prerequisite strength needed to attempt muscle-ups

• The best drills and accessory movements to improve muscle-ups

• Learning the mechanics of the Bar Muscle-Up & Ring Muscle-Up

• Staying focused and not allowing failures to halt your progress

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