EP363: Heal Thy Wood! with Bryan "Uncle B" Ayers


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Brian “Uncle B” Ayers is a Sexual Performance Coach, Youtuber, and Founder of the company GoodWood. In this episode, Drew chats with Brian about surprising trends that reveal a massive decline in men’s sexual health, the driving factors behind achieving better sexual performance, simple habits that lead to enhanced performance, and even how practicing meditation can give you stronger erections!


[03:05] How and why Brian became an expert in the field of men’s sexual performance, and the alarming trends concerning men’s sexual health.

[12:55] Brian’s biggest philosophies for achieving a better sex life, and the best daily habits to increase sexual performance.

[25:15] Brian explains the science behind how meditation works to give men stronger erections, and how cardio can actually have a negative effect on testosterone production.

[35:15] Brian’s personal fitness journey, how the aging process changed his approach to sexual wellness, and how he lost 23 pounds in 30 days.

[42:10] The perfect day of preparation for a perfect night of sexual performance.


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