EP362: Now That's a Good Idea! with Eryn Knight


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Eryn Knight is the VP of Marketing for Good Idea, a company that created a sparkling water product that balances blood sugar, and boosts energy as well as metabolism. In this episode, Drew and Eryn talk about the science behind Good Idea, the importance of blood sugar even for those who are not diabetic, the power of self-experimentation with different types of foods and routines, how to turn data into actionable change, and much much more!


[04:25] Eryn’s childhood, how she became interested in biohacking and health technology, and how Good Idea came to be.

[20:09] Drew’s experiment with Good Idea, how it helped to level his blood sugar after meals, and the many ways that people use Good Idea in their day-to-day lives.

[26:39] A deep-dive into Drew’s experiment, how different foods affect blood sugar, and the best ways to test what works best for your own unique bio-individual body.

[33:54] Drew’s tips for self-experimentation, and how to turn raw data into actionable changes that will ultimately improve every aspect of your wellbeing.

[37:21] The future of Good Idea, the global problem of blood sugar and metabolic disorders, and the importance of blood sugar - even if you aren’t diabetic.


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