S2E15: Jeff Nobbs | Possible Robot and Co-founder of Zero Acre Farms


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On today's episode, Dr. Jaime interviews entrepreneur and possible robot, Jeff Nobbs.
Jeff Nobbs is an entrepreneur (he likes being called that because it allows him to occasionally be unemployed while still sounding like he’s on top of everything) and thinker (his wife calls him a robot programmed to act human, but he thinks “thinker” sounds more profound than “robot”, and the title allows him to lounge around doing nothing claiming to be “thinking”).
Now it’s 2022 and Jeff has decided, of all things, to enter the oil business. After realizing that nobody else was insane enough to try and replace one of the most consumed foods in the world, Jeff co-founded a new food startup called Zero Acre Farms with exactly that mission: to remove destructive vegetable oils from the food system.

Jeff has realized that he gets very frustrated when there are very important problems that aren’t being addressed or solved in the way that he thinks they should be. He usually underestimates the gravity and complexity of the problem, but decides to charge forward anyway and try to solve the problem himself with the naive optimism that he can save the world.

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