Episode 36: Matt Maruca | Founder & CEO of RA Optics


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On today's episode, Dr. Jaime interviews RA Optics Founder and CEO, Matt Maruca.
From www.raoptics.com:
"So, I decided to name my new endeavor "Ra Optics". A tribute to the sun; a nod to the ancient wisdom that is the foundation for all modern knowledge, a mission firmly rooted in advanced modern science in everything that we do, and bringing the two together in ways that have never been done before.

We are bringing the light of nature and truth back to the modern world.

In addition to creating the world's first and only premium Sleep Glasses, I decided to create a superior alternative to traditional computer glasses, called Screen Lenses, which block 30x more harmful blue light from LED's than most clear computer lenses available today.

We’ve grown since our humble beginnings, but our core values remain the same. We will never compromise on quality.

Our lenses have been designed and developed with the world's leading experts on light-protective technology, and utilize the world’s most advanced, proprietary blue light-absorbing pigment technology.

Our frames are designed with keen attention to detail and handcrafted using the world’s highest quality materials—Italian Acetate and German-Engineered Metal—into a variety of trending and timeless styles. There is a frame for everyone!

Ra Optics—The World’s Only Premium Sleep Glasses."

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