Creating Long-Standing Fintech Partnerships With Rita Martins Head Of Fintech Partnerships at HSBC


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It’s no secret that banks partnering with Fintechs are beneficial for both parties. With the rise of fintech adoption amongst users, the “us against them” mentality is one that can only damage your fintechs growth.

By partnering with a bank fintechs are able to provide better products and services, customer experience, and adapt and deploy innovations at a faster rate than non-partnered fintechs.

We sat down with Rita Martins, Head of Fintech Partnerships at HSBC to explore what fintech-bank relationships really look like, and how to build and manage relationships with high-potential startups.

Rita’s career is an incredibly impressive one, with experience ranging from Ernst and Young to being a mentor at Web3 Techstars Accelerator - she knows every corner of the fintech industry.

In this episode, they cover:

👉Advice for fintechs considering partnerships

👉What bank-fintech relationships looks like

👉How to build and manage these relationships

👉Red flags when choosing a partner

👉How fintechs and banks can improve partnerships

👉Advice for women in fintech

And much more…

If you’re looking to grow your fintech business or want to learn more about HSBC and their Fintech Partnerships, tune in to this episode of The FML Podcast.

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