FMM182 - Staying Consistent in the Face of Disruption


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Disruption can hit our lives at any time and in many different ways, creating a world of pain.

Maybe you’re moving house, or welcoming a new family member…

Perhaps you’re changing jobs, or getting a promotion...

Or maybe it’s exams, a new course, or unexpected travel.

These situations happen to all of us throughout our creative journey, and for some people the effects last way beyond the actual period of disruption…

…creating a real mountain for them to climb before they feel ready to start writing music again.

So how do you stay on track with your dreams and stay consistent with your music when other areas of your life get tied in a knot and pull you out of your routines and away from your daily stability?

In this episode, I'll share with you a simple, yet powerful three-part formula that you can apply whenever your life sails into choppy waters.

…to keep your creativity flourishing and your dreams completely on track.

Let's get started…

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