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LOCAL STEREO Local Stereo is a singer / songwriter from Columbus, Ohio who fell in love with the guitar at an early age. With over 20 years of experience as an accomplished performer playing stages of all shapes and sizes. Skilled in playing original and/or cover music with a deep sense of gratitude, he has been bridging audiences in his performances with intimacy and entertainment. Local Stereo brings a strong positive spirit to all of his performances, while captivating his audiences with his unique artistry during his live shows. He creates new musical textures and landscapes in the spur of the moment, making each performance distinctive and eccentric.************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************SCOTT BOYAL Scott grew up in Modesto, California, a city rife with crime. In 2006, his father was tragically shot and killed at a convenience store by a gang member, leaving him to grow up without a father. That same year, he began attending a local church where he learned how to express his emotions through singing and playing the piano. Today, one of his leading drivers in making music is to continue to become the best possible version of himself, one that his father would be proud to have seen him grow into. Scott’s first single, 'Never Be the Same’, serves as a recap of his time where he struggled to find himself. The next month, in February 2022, he released ‘Already Gone’, a highly emotive track that colors in his battles with depression and loneliness. Forthcoming for Scott will be the release of his debut full-length, a project that continues to dive into his past, present and future.

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