Your Legal Rights During COVID-19


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Have you wondered what sorts of legal protections you have in the face of life's new COVID complexities? COVID-19 has impacted all facets of life where some legal know-how would be useful: in housing and leasing, student loans, travel and weddings, workplace accommodations, and more.

Renowned celebrity attorney, comedian, host of the podcast "Girl Is that Legal?", and star on the new dating reality show “Ready to Love,” on OWN, Symone Redwine is here to help. On the podcast today, she offers legal advice that certainly comes in handy during COVID, but much of which is applicable regardless of a pandemic - and worth knowing!

What rights do you have if you can't pay your rent? Your student loans? What legal obligations does your employer have if you fear COVID infection at work (or have other reasons, like pregnancy or an injury, that necessitate some sort of workplace accommodations)? If you are in a physically abusive relationship with a cohabitating partner, how can you break your portion of the lease? How can you get your money back due to canceled events like travel or weddings? And can employers require that employees and customers get the COVID-19 vaccine (or any vaccine, for that matter)?

Learn all this and more, and walk away with some legal knowledge your parents would be proud of.

Links and Resources:

  • CDC Eviction Moratorium Declaration Form (this is the form you'll need to protect yourself from eviction if you can't pay your rent due to COVID-19)
  • Watch Symone on the OWN Network's Ready to Love Season 3
  • Have you seen the video of Hannah Viverette, whose video went viral after a man tried to break into her home while she was taping herself dancing on TikTok? It turns out the man who broke into her home was a neighbor and maintenance man in her building. Hannah, who is a single mom, wanted to immediately move out but her landlord would not let her to break the lease, especially during a pandemic. Symone is now representing Hannah and wants to help more people know what their rights are during this time.

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