Doing Hard Time With True Crime!


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On this special episode of The Fedora Chronicles News Of The Week with Jason Cousineau, Jay and Eric Renderking Fisk start the show by discussing the strange revelation about how hosting podcasts is almost like raising children. The conversation includes how to keep your children and grandchildren safe in this day of social media proliferation and why you shouldn't share pictures with just anyone. Why is it that True Crime One-On-One is some of the most important work we've done on this podcast network, and while podcasters might have helped bring a swift end to the case of Gabby Petito's disappearance more has to be done to help solve cases when the victims are people of color? What more can The Fedora Chronicles do? Seriously. Jay and Eric also discuss the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan's rapid recovery from COVID 19 thanks to ivermectin and his feud with Howard Stern. And Jay and Eric close out the show explaining why -thanks to Joe Rogan - Ryan Skinner will always be welcome on The Fedora Chronicles and why that son of a bitch Jeremy Corbell still owes us 13 dollars.

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